Damascus, SANA- The Arab and Foreign Affairs Committee at the People’s Assembly on Wednesday discussed with German parliamentary delegation means to overcome existing obstacles and bolster cooperation between Syria and Germany through parliamentary work.

During the meeting, the two sides have agreed on setting a joint working paper and continuous communication through forming parliamentary work groups to take practical steps regarding lifting unilateral coercive measures on Syria, facilitating the return of Syrian refugees, and enhancing the relations between the two countries.

Deputy of the Arab and Foreign Affairs Committee at the People’s Assembly Ammar al-Assad underlined the importance of conveying the reality of situation in Syria by the German delegation to the German parliament and the German public opinion in particular and the European in general to correct the misleading image circulated by Western media outlets of what is going on in Syria.

For his part, head of the German delegation MP Frank Pasemann said that his party is ready to cooperate with the people Assembly and the Syrian government in order to reach a joint work formula and take practical steps, pointing out  to submitting a memorandum to the German parliament before coming to Syria, including lifting coercive measures on Syria, restoring diplomatic relations between Germany and Syria, and organizing the return of the Syrian refugees from Germany so that they can contribute to the reconstruction and development of their country.

Pasemann pointed out to the changing of Europe’s political climate towards Syria, as Italian Communication Minister expressed desire to visit Syria , and the German parliament proposed a cooperation project with the Syrian government, as well as Switzerland decided to grant Syria a financial assistance estimated at 450 million Euros for reconstruction.