Sweida, SANA- In celebration of the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorist organizations and the liberation of the western and northwestern countryside of Aleppo province and of declaring Aleppo as a completely, safe city a popular gathering was held in front of the Governorate’s building.

A number of the participants in the gathering affirmed in their speeches that Aleppo victory is a triumph of the will and the determination of the Syrian people and their army and leadership to liberate every inch of the Syrian territories of the clutches of terrorists and their sponsors and backers.

They indicated that Aleppo victory is not a military victory, but it is a political and economic victory, affirming that Sweida locals stand today to congratulate the Syrians on the liberation of Aleppo which has achieved the complete victory thanks to its steadfastness and its standing by the side of its leadership and heroic army.

Sheikh Yasser Abu al-Fakhir said in a statement to SANA reporter “We congratulate the people of Aleppo who have remained steadfast… victory has been achieved thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army.”

Meanwhile, Father Philip Mo’amar said “We came to extend congratulations from the people of Sweida to the people of Aleppo, the cradle of civilization and history and to congratulate all the Syrians on this victory which affirms that the complete victory for our country is so near.”

Ruaa al-Jazaeri